Ancient Healing, Modern Wellness

Inspired by the legendary love story of Sultan Hürrem and Sultan Suleyman I, our luxury spa treatments blend traditional hammam rituals with modern massage techniques and science-backed ingredients for a truly unique and transformative spa experience.

Explore our menu of full-body massages, skincare and facial treatments, hammam journeys, couples retreats, hair and nail salon services, and so much more — all tailored to your personal needs and preferences.



Contact our Spa Concierge for reservations and more information. Please note, all treatments and services require purchase of a separate day pass.

Hurrem Hammams Photo
Hurrem Hammams Photo
Hammam Journeys

Our Hammam Journeys offer an immersive introduction to ancient bathing rituals dating back to the Ottoman era.

The journey begins in our beautiful Turkish hammam, where the healing properties of heat, steam and cool running water will soothe your muscles, relax your mind and prepare the body for massage. Your therapist will then guide you to our marble scrub rooms to perform your treatment.

Each Hammam Journey also includes your choice of aromatherapy, and a classic kese scrub customized to your preferences. 


  • Hammam Ritual Kese

    A traditional Turkish cleansing ritual, this deep exfoliating scrub uses a kese mitt to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Enjoy on its own, or as an add-on to any Hammam Journey.


    30 minutes / $125

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • Hammam Mud Wrap

    This 50-minute journey begins with an exfoliating kese scrub, followed by a warm mud wrap. The mud is rich in minerals and nutrients, which help detoxify the skin and reduce inflammation. While relaxing in the wrap, your therapist will provide a soothing scalp massage. 


    50 minutes / $155

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • Hammam Exfoliation & Massage

    This 75 min treatments starts with a full-body exfoliating kese scrub to improve skin tone and texture, followed by a soothing full-body massage with warm oils to ease muscle tension.


    75 minutes / $245

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • Platza

    An age-old ritual for radiating skin that’s soft to the touch. Performed in hammam for maximum benefits, the traditional Platza uses gentle whips of fragrant oak leaves to stimulate circulation on the surface of your skin.

    Enjoy as a 30-minute session, or incorporate the Platza as an add-on to other spa treatments for true Turkish indulgence.


    30 minutes / $100

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • Ethereal Escape Hammam Experience

    Float on cloud nine with this 110-minute, full-body experience. Performed in our Vichy Room, the Ethereal Escape combines all three hammam experiences — invigorating kese scrub, detox mud wrap, followed by Platza treatment using a bundle of fragrant oak and eucalyptus leaves to further exfoliate, conclude this experience with restorative full-body massage.


    110 minutes / $350

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • The Secret of Ottoman Court

    Our signature warming spice ritual is designed to invigorate body and spirit, and leave your skin ultra-soft. The journey begins with a full-body exfoliation using a kese scrub to buff away dull skin cells. A second exfoliation using our exclusive peppermint and seaweed scrub further smoothes and nourishes the skin.

    Next, we envelop you in a cocoon of warm, antioxidant-rich spice mud, adding another layer of deep hydration and warmth. While the mud works its magic, your therapist will provide a soothing scalp massage scented with uplifting lime and palmarosa. After a rinse, the body is massaged with a ginger- and orange-infused oil to increase circulation and melt muscle tension. Emerge feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated, with perfectly polished skin for an inside-outside glow.


    80 minutes / $300

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • Blissful Escape

    Escape the everyday and find your bliss with our signature serenity ritual. First, a full-body exfoliation will buff away dirt and dull skin using a traditional kese scrub. A nourishing lavender sugar scrub further exfoliates and polishes the skin, followed by a relaxing scalp massage with aromatherapy to quiet the mind. 

    Your therapist will then cocoon you in a warm wrap soaked in minerals and antioxidants. Besides its physical benefits, this therapeutic wrap encourages rest, aids sleep and alleviates stress. A relaxing foot massage rounds out this Blissful Escape. Vichy Room


    80 minutes / $275

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

Massage Therapy

Experience pure relaxation with our signature massages designed to heal the body, quiet the mind, and soothe away stress.

All of our massages begin with an age-old welcoming ritual: a cleansing foot wash using warm towels to gently remove dirt and relax the body. Each experience also includes your choice of aromatherapy from our exclusive line of essential oils, inspired by Sultan Hürrem and Sultan Suleyman I’s favorite scents.

  • Hurrem Experience

    A combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques, our pampering massage melts stress and eases muscle tension. 


    50 minutes / $175

    80 minutes / $235

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • Love of Damask Roses

    Inspired by Turkey’s beautiful Damask rose, this fragrant full-body massage uses warm rose petals to soothe and hydrate the skin. Massage oil is also infused with the light scent of roses, an aromatherapy technique that helps to reduce stress and lure you into deep relaxation.


    50 minutes / $175

    80 minutes / $235

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.


  • Mystical Journey to Istanbul

    In this popular treatment, heated stones and targeted massage work together to alleviate muscle pain and deep-seated tension. The warmth of the stones, combined with gentle pressure from the massage, create a sense of calm and comfort that will leave you feeling wholly relaxed and light on your feet.


    80 minutes / $235

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • Resilient Warrior

    Combining deep tissue and sports massage techniques with stretching, this rejuvenating treatment works to release stubborn knots and soothe aching muscles. Perfect for athletes who want to enhance their performance and improve their range of motion, as well as anyone who enjoys stronger pressure.


    50 minutes / $185

    80 minutes / $245

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • New Life, New Mom

    A pregnancy-safe alternative to our signature treatments. Using gentle massage techniques that are safe for mom and baby, our expert therapists will relieve tension and ease expectant mothers into a deeply relaxing state which helps to reduce stress and improve sleep quality during pregnancy.


    50 minutes / $175

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

Wellness Journeys

Beyond their physical benefits, hammams offer a peaceful space to slow down and sink into relaxation. Away from the noise and everyday distractions. When we quiet our mind, we hear our body more clearly – which helps us take better care of ourselves, and those around us.


Follow your intuition and mix-and-match your favorite body treatments, massage therapies and facials to create your own custom-tailored Wellness Journey. 

  • Tranquil Transformation

    Pamper yourself with this full-body spa package. The journey begins with your choice of any 50-minute signature massage, expertly tailored to your preferred pressure, target areas and more. Followed by your choice of Brightening Facial or Hydrating Facial, customized by our expert aestheticans to address skin concerns and achieve your goals. Emerge feeling revitalized, energized, and ready to take on the world once more.


    100 minutes / $325

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • Pure Bliss

    Our ultra-hydrating, three-part spa package starts with a 50-minute body treatment using VOYA organic products with wild seaweed extracts. Choose from an exfoliating VOYA scrub, or a soothing VOYA lavender wrap. A customized 50-minute facial follows, before the journey ends with an indulgent 20-minute foot paraffin treatment to soothe aching feet and buff away dead skin cells.


    120 minutes / $375

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

  • Heaven on Earth **

    A luxurious experience fit for the gods. This spectacular spa journey includes a deeply nourishing 80-minute full-body massage, followed by a 50-minute Hyper-Customized Facial tailored to your specific needs and skincare goals. Topped off with a decadent 20-minute scalp massage using hair oil to leave your hair feeling smooth as silk.


    150 minutes / $455

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

Couples Spa Retreats

Step into the opulent world of the Ottoman Empire at Hürrem Hammam, and experience the romance of the greatest love story to ever grace its throne. 


Our couples spa packages in Miami are perfect for partners looking to celebrate a special occasion, or simply unwind together after a long week. Choose from a variety of treatments, each one tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

  • Hammam Wellness & Spa Signature Package

    This four-hour retreat is designed for luxurious pampering and head-to-toe rejuvenation. Performed in our beautiful couples suite, with your own private hammam and relaxation area. 



    Before your treatments, you will have a one-on-one consultation with your spa therapist to discuss your goals, preferences, and areas of concern.


    Hammam Ritual:

    The experience begins with a traditional Hammam ritual, which includes a 30-minute full-body exfoliating scrub using a kese mitt, followed by a warm mud wrap and relaxing scalp massage. This will leave your skin soft and smooth, and lure you into deep relaxation. 



    The pampering continues with a nourishing 80-minute full-body massage specifically tailored to your needs and target areas. 


    Based on your preferences, your therapist will expertly blend a selection of massage techniques, such as deep tissue and Swedish massage, to soothe sore muscles and rejuvenate your spirit. Inhale your choice of calming aroma and surrender yourself to total relaxation as stress and tension melt away.



    Following your hammam and massage experiences, each of you will enjoy a luxurious 50-minute facial treatment custom-tailored to your unique skin types and goals such as hydration, firming and anti-aging treatments, acne and inflammation, skin brightening, sculpting, collagen production and more. 



    Round off your couples spa journey with a 30-minute reflexology treatment designed to elevate overall wellbeing. This soothing therapy applies gentle pressure on specific reflex points of your feet to activate your body’s natural healing processes, increase circulation and relieve stress. Leave feeling totally relaxed, energized and rejuvenated from head to toe.


    Lunch & Leisure Time:

    Our couples retreat includes 50 minutes of leisure time to relax together in your private couples suite, and enjoy our spa facilities. 


    During this time, you will also enjoy delicious lunch for two from our on-site Turkish restaurant, Topkapı, featuring your choice of appetizer, entree and drink. Lunch is delivered to your couples suite whenever you are ready to dine.


    4 hours / $2,000 per couple

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

Facials & Advanced Skincare

At Hürrem Hammam Wellness & Spa, we offer a variety of facials, advanced skincare and beauty treatments — each one hyper-customized to your specific needs and goals.


Using science-backed skincare products from renowned brands like Pietro Simone and QMS Medicosmetics, our highly-trained estheticians skillfully treat the skin to achieve immediate and long-lasting results.

  • Pietro Simone Facials **

    Our exclusive Pietro Simone treatments are personalized, multi-step facials designed to address specific skincare issues such as acne, dull skin, redness and rosacea, dryness and aging. 


    These facials combine Pietro Simone’s signature dry massage technique and organic cotton thread exfoliation with a layering method that will infuse the skin with active ingredients, such as glutathione, vitamin C, peptides, bio-fermented mushroom extracts and more strategic compounds. Together these facials help restore moisture and hydration to minimize redness and skin inflammation, and boost the skin’s natural functions.


    After a consultation with your therapist, choose a Pietro Simone facial best suited to your skincare needs and goals such as Acne Treatment, Brightening Treatment or Hydrating Treatment.


    50 minutes / $195

    80 minutes / $275

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.


  • QMS Facial Treatments

    Award-winning German skincare brand QMS Medicosmetics develops clinically-tested products with powerful anti-aging ingredients, like skin-identical collagen and hyaluronic acid, to minimize fine lines and hyperpigmentation, and repair the skin’s protective barrier for healthier, glowing skin that’s soft to the touch.


    Bespoke QMS Facial

    Choose from 50-minute or 80-minute

    Following a 1:1 consultation with an expert esthetician, this transformative facial combines two custom-tailored QMS face masks with our signature lifting technique. Packed with active ingredients to improve overall skin tone and reduce wrinkles, the masks are worked into the skin through a unique lifting method. The results? Tighter, youthful-looking skin that’s dewy and timelessly radiant.


    50 minutes / $175

    80 minutes / $255

    *** All spa services requires Daily Pass purchase.

Salon Services

At Hurrem Hammam Wellness and Spa, our rejuvenating services truly span from head-to-toe. Our salon services offer a variety of treatments that allow guests to radiate beauty from the inside out.

  • Hurrems Manicure

    Beautify your natural nails with a specialized manicuring technique focusing on a flawless finish. Nails are expertly shaped and smoothed followed by gentle pushing back of the cuticles with cutting. Completed by a buffing for a subtle, natural glow with the use of polish or gel.


    75 min / $90

  • Hurrems Pedicure

    Pamper and perfect feet with a specialized pedicure showcasing your natural nails. Feet are soaked then nails are shaped and gently filed focusing on ideal contouring. Cuticles are carefully pushed back with cutting and calluses removed. A lower leg and foot massage eases tension. Nails are buffed to a subtle to highlight well-groomed feet with the use of polish or gel.


    75 min / $100

  • Deluxe Manicure

    Begin with a soothing soak followed by expert shaping and buffing. Enjoy a deeply nourishing cuticle treatment and exfoliation for smooth skin. A relaxing masque and massage with heated stones melts tension away while a rich moisturizer replenishes. Completed by the polish of your choice for beautiful, healthy nails.


    65 min / $100

  • Deluxe Pedicure

    Pamper tired feet with a relaxing soak then receive expert shaping and buffing. Indulge in essential cuticle care, callus removal and a stimulating exfoliation treatment. A deeply nourishing masque with heated stones eases stiffness while a lower leg and foot massage promotes circulation. Finish with an application of the polish of your choice for pretty pedicure that lasts.


    80 min / $120

  • Classic Manicure

    The essential maintenance for great looking nails. Includes a soak, filing, shaping and buffing. Cuticles are tidied and nourished followed by the application of hand cream and polish.


    40 min / $65

  • Classic Pedicure

    Maintain pretty feet with the basics. Feet are soaked then filed, shaped and buffed. Cuticles and calluses are treated and smoothed. A lower leg and foot massage is followed by an application of moisturizer and polish.


    50 min / $85

  • Add-On Options

    • Paraffin Treatment for Hands or Feet $25

    • CBD Upgrade $25

    • Tired Legs Treatment $45

    • Gel Polish Application $15

    • Gel Polish Removal $10

    • Japanese Nail Shine Treatment $35

  • Eyebrow / Eyelash Services

    Eyelash lamination and tinting

    55 min / $130


    Eyebrow lamination and tinting

    45 min / $110

  • Hair Services

    •  Men’s Haircut: $75

    •  Women’s Cut & Style, Short hair: $95+

    •  Women’s Cut & Style, Medium hair: $110+

    •  Women’s Cut & Style, Long hair: $125+

    •  Wash & Blowdry, Short hair: $85+

    •  Wash & Blowdry, Medium hair: $95+

    •  Wash & Blowdry, Long hair: $100+

    •  Virtue Hair & Scalp Nourishing Therapy: $95

    •  Phyto Hair & Scalp Nourishing Therapy: $95

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